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Turn To Danielle LeClerc Klein For Professional Fiduciary Service

With decades of experience assisting Mr. LeClerc in advising fiduciaries, both professional and non-professionals, with respect to their legal duties and obligations, Danielle decided to pursue a career as a California Licensed Professional Fiduciary. Danielle has experience and is available to serve as both a court-appointed and a client named trustee/successor trustee of various types of trusts including but not limited to revocable, irrevocable and special needs trusts; an administrator/executor of wills; an agent for healthcare and financial services; and a conservator of both the person and estate of individuals who are mentally and physically incapacitated. Why work with a professional fiduciary? There are several reasons but the most compelling is that a fiduciary has an ethical responsibility to keep your best interests as the No.1 priority.

Family dynamics can be complicated and family drama and conflict can be reduced by selecting a professional fiduciary. Each type of fiduciary relationship and related matter has its own unique set of issues. Danielle L. Klein has extensive experience dealing with conflict relating to the family matters that arise when a loved one dies or is incapacitated. She provides personal, one-on-one service to all those who she serves and has a toolbox full of resources as a longtime resident and professional of Butte County. Located in Oroville, Danielle services the fiduciary needs of clients throughout Butte County.

What Is A Professional Fiduciary?

A professional fiduciary is someone that is entrusted to carry out estate/trust administration duties, financial and healthcare options proposed by either a power of attorney or conservatorship. This can be in the form of a court appointment, specifically named in estate planning documents or a nomination by family members.  A professional fiduciary has the knowledge, resources and education to carry out the duties and obligations of the many roles that the fiduciary is required to perform. Please visit the PFAC website to learn more about the role of a professional fiduciary.

Danielle L. Klein’s Advanced Training And Education

Danielle has specialized training related to the fiduciary role. She received post-baccalaureate certificates California State University, Fullerton in Professional Fiduciary Management for Trustees and Conservators. Danielle is also a California Licensed Professional Fiduciary which licensure is regulated by the California Fiduciary Bureau under the Department of Consumer Affairs; as well as licensed as a National Certified Guardian. You can learn more about Danielle LeClerc Klein by visiting the About Us page of this website. She is a member of both the Professional Fiduciaries Association of California and the National Guardian Association.

Work With A Professional Fiduciary To Ensure The Highest Level Of Commitment And Service

When it comes to California fiduciary services, it’s important to choose someone who possesses skill, experience and proven ethical responsibility. Danielle L. Klein is a respected and seasoned advocate for her clients. Call 530-427-7319 or reach out to Danielle with our website contact email form. Located in Oroville, the law office serves clients throughout Butte County. The law office was established in 1966. Raoul LeClerc, Danielle’s attorney father, was one of the firm’s founding attorneys and is still in practice today. Danielle joined the firm in 1984.