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Wills And Trusts: Two Planning Tools That Can Protect The Assets You’ve Worked For

Who will inherit your estate in the event of your death? A will is an important part of a valid estate plan because it is legal documentation of what you’d like to happen to your finances, property and other assets after your passing.

The father-daughter team of Raoul and Danielle at the Law Office of Raoul J. LeClerc can do the hard work for you. We will meet with you to discuss your financial situation, your goals and which planning tools best align with those. We will then create a legally viable estate plan to ensure your wishes will be carried out.

Five Objectives A Will Can Meet

An estate plan is composed of many documents. One of those documents is a will. Having a will in place establishes:

  1. Who will serve as the executor of your will
  2. Who you wish to take care of your minor children
  3. The disposition of any donations or gifts
  4. How your debts and taxes will be paid
  5. What will happen to your property

Work with firm attorney Raoul LeClerc and paralegal daughter Danielle L. Klein to get personal service tailored to your needs and wishes. We will partner with you to create the California estate plan that best aligns with your family’s values and goals.

Because each person and each family is unique, so are the estate plans we create. Most estate plans include a will, a trust, and financial and health care powers of attorney. In many cases, an effective estate plan can help ensure that your estate avoids the lengthy probate process.

Hire An Experienced Lawyer To Draft Your Will Or Trust

You don’t want to risk having any errors in your will that could affect the handling of your estate. Let an experienced legal professional draft your will to avoid such issues. When you need help with wills and trusts, call the Law Office of Raoul J. LeClerc at 530-427-7319 or email us. We will help you understand your options and how different tools are better suited for your family’s situation and goals. We serve clients throughout Butte County since 1966.