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Conservatorship is not just for the elderly

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2023 | PROBATE & ESTATE ADMINISTRATION - Estate Administration

If you have a family member who is incapacitated due to mental or physical illness or injury, it’s understandable that you want to access as many resources as are available to help you provide for your loved one’s needs. Certain steps can be taken to create a support network. California laws allow a petition to be filed for conservatorship.  

Some people mistakenly believe that conservatorship is a formal provision that is reserved for the elderly. This is not the case at all. Anyone who has been clinically diagnosed with a mental or physical illness or injury that has resulted in incapacitation may benefit from having a conservator.  

A conservator manages assets, health care, finances, temporal needs and more 

Once the court grants conservatorship, the person appointed will oversee all aspects of the conservatee’s life. This role is typically different from a power of attorney, however, which is typically granted while a person is of sound mind and able to sign legal documents. A conservatorship is implemented after a diagnosis of incapacitation is made, which means that the person in question would lack the testamentary capacity to sign a will, power of attorney or other estate planning documents. 

Legal support is available for those considering conservatorship in California 

Legal complications can arise regarding conservatorships. The Law Office of Raoul J. LeClerc, in California, provides strong support to families who are dealing with complex issues. Experienced legal guidance can help protect your loved one’s interests.