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Lawsuit filed during probate of Anne Heche’s estate

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2023 | ESTATE PLANNING - Estate Administration & Probate

In August, a California woman was working from home when an automobile suddenly came crashing through her walls. She says she nearly died that day. Her home caught fire when the car ignited in flames. The woman has since filed a $2 million lawsuit against the estate of former actress Anne Heche, who was driving the car at the time.  

The plaintiff claims to have suffered debilitating emotional trauma from the incident, as well as lost most of her personal belongings in the crash and subsequent fire. Her lawsuit is not the only legal claim filed involving Anne Heche’s estate. Heche’s son is also entangled in a legal battle against her former boyfriend.  

Heche’s boyfriend claims to have a last will and testament from Heche 

Anne Heche’s son has contested a document that her former boyfriend has presented to the court as her last will and testament. Her son claims that his mother’s signature on the document is a forgery. In California and all other states, forgery, fraud and coercion are reasons that may compel a probate judge to rule a will invalid. 

When an estate passes through probate pending legal claims against the estate must be resolved. In Heche’s case, there is a personal injury claim, as well as a challenge to the will. An heir or beneficiary with interests in a California will has every right to retain an experienced attorney to navigate probate proceedings.